25 September 2008

Review of Nights in Rodanthe (2008)

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• People that go knowing this is not as good as The Notebook and have no expectations as such
• Fans of Diane Lane, Richard Gere, and James Franco
• People who like to get all romantic and don't mind if their partner has Chewbacca breath
• People who live in Rodanthe
• People who don't believe that 60 is the new 40 & 40 is the new 30—Richard Gere is 59 folks and Diane Lane is 43, but no way either looks it—va-va-vroom
• People who think wild ponies exist only in fairytales
• Anyone who thinks that James Franco's ego got too big to fit in the room after Pineapple Express
• Physicians who've lost their calling
• Fathers or Mothers on the outs with their children

• People who loved The Notebook and expect this to be as good, it's just not
• People who don't have a forgiving bone in their body
• People who thought "Romeo and Juliet" wasn't tragic enough
• Fans of "The Man Show"
• Fans of Christopher Meloni
• People with an irrational fear of driftwood art or whom might be offended by a canned goods toss
• Star crossed lovers who've already planned for one half of the pair to take a journey to an unspecified nation below the equator leaving the other alone with a pile of love letters and a song

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