07 September 2008

Review of Disaster Movie (2008)

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• People who've been pining away for a spoof of Disney® hot properties High School Musical and Step-Up (1 and 2)
• Fans who always knew that Matt Lanter, formerly of "Manhunt" had a leading role in him yet
• Anyone who, no matter how stale the genre has become, cannot get enough of rollicking, sick-out, spoof comedies in the vein established by the Wayan Bros. with their Scary Movie franchise
• "Mad TV" star Ike Barinholtz fans – he's really the big star of this movie, for what that's worth – who does everyone from Javier Bardem's cold No Country for Old Men assassin to Batman to Prince Caspian to a completely naked Beowulf
• People who didn't quite get J.J. Abrams's Cloverfield
• Fans of Indiana Jones IV who didn't think it was a big enough spoof in and of itself of the original acclaimed film series
• People who don't mind spoof films that don't have a coherent plot
• Anyone who won't succumb to film-induced nightmares due to cinematic exposure to rabid, animatronic chipmunks
• Everyone who saw Juno and thought that Ellen Page was particularly over the top in her portrayal of teen angst gone Etch-a-Sketch®
• People who loved Date Movie and Epic Movie

• Fans of Meet the Spartans who thought co-writers / directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer had finally found their groove
• People offended by singing and dancing during fake disasters
• Carmen Electra and Kimberly Kardashian fans
• Anyone who shudders at the thought of a fake pregnant, unwed teenager break dancing on the bloated belly of her unborn child
• People who think spoofing is one thing, but spoofing great works of Disney® or the "Sex and the City" girls is pure heresy
• People who didn't like the Disaster Movie posters
• People who know an even better, uncut, no holds barred version will be coming to DVD, Blu-Ray, and Download in a matter of weeks
• Anyone who grows bored quickly if a "Saturday Night Live" sketch runs a bit long
• People who loved Meet the Spartans

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