01 January 2008

2cOrNot2C -- Mission

At movieEVERYday.com we strive to provide the most comprehensive, independently-operated, film review site of all time. As an offshoot, however, we also hope to provide entertainment fans with what they need when they need it. Hence our spin-off sites: YourCelebrityFaves in the News -- a comprehensive site where you can go and see your favorite celebs as they've appeared in the news: videos, images, and stories as well as having quick access to related merchandise and professional photos, and 2cOrNOt2C -- our latest film review site which gives you two lists for every film mentioned: one giving suggestions as to who should and one as to who should not see the film. From these two lists, which are occasionally a bit humorous and tongue-in-cheek, you should be able to tell quite quickly if a film is for you or not. Be aware, there is no attempt made not to potentially spoil some plot points!

The Mission of 2cOrNot2c.net is simple, providing readers a quick and humorous way of determining if a movie is right for them or not. Sometimes, you will need to read both lists to be sure. We will also provide links back to spoilers and non-spoiler reviews from our main site. We encourage you to post your comments and other "rules" if you will, just keep things clean! We reserve the right not to publish any comment we feel is not in keeping with our standards of good and safe internet conduct.

We hope you enjoy 2cOrNot2c!

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