28 September 2008

Review of Forever Strong (2008)

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• If you love rugby
• People who are fans of stories based on actual events
• You like films filmed in Utah
• Fans of Gary Cole and Sean Faris
• High school coaches seeking to learn how to be a better coach and reach more players or who think the only way to coach is using a top-down, militaristic, 'my way or the highway' approach—learn from this coach whose record is 390-9 in 32 years with 18 national titles
• People who coach or play a competitive team sport at the high school level or above
• Those who like their character education without religious overtones
• People who like a great sports story that's not just about an underdog rising to the top but about a team of young people competing only with their own personal best
• Teens who feel above the law and that their purpose is to carouse and be free about town
• People who struggle to find their inner voice
• Owners of a copy of the Never Back Down DVD who've already worn it out

• People who don't want to see rugby shirts come back in fashion—remember how you could order like 50 different designs from Land's End?
• Fans of Penn Badgley as a good guy
• People who didn't care for the following films: Facing the Giants, Hoosiers, or Miracle
• Fans of Sean Astin who think he should have retired after Rudy
• People who aren't that into sports-themed movies
• Teenagers who don't want to develop any character or leadership, rather they'd prefer to continue to lead empty, meaningless "Gossip Girl" / "OC" lives
• Losers and/or Whiners
• People who cannot and won't ever listen…to anyone…no matter what because they know everything and nothing on this earth will ever change them…ever…so stop trying

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