20 September 2008

Review of My Best Friend's Girl (2008)

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• People who never saw: Fool's Gold, Over Her Dead Body, Good Luck Chuck or the MTV Series "Undressed"
• Fans of Jason Biggs who never tire of watching him portray doey-eyed, love-sick, puppy dog guys who never get the girl; or, at least, not the girl they want
• Anyone who took the bet that Kate Hudson's career would not see the light of day after this string of winners: The Skeleton Key; You, Me & Dupree; and Fool's Gold
• Forgiving types who really go to see Dane Cook movies because no dude can pull off the scruffy beard better than he
• Fans of Donut art
• Anyone who sided with Kim Basinger in her divorce with Alec Baldwin
• Guys who've always wanted to get the most diabolical revenge ever conceived on the girls who dumped them
• Any girl contemplating dumping a really nice dude
• Fans of Groucho Marx's eyebrows

• People who might be offended by a mock religious pizza joint called Cheesus Crust
• Fans of ROMANTIC and COMEDIC romantic comedies
• People who upon sitting down in the chair at the hair salon, learn that the person behind the razor is an easily distracted trainee
• People who can only see a few films this fall
• If you're the kind who doesn't like people being mean to each other or that the ends don't justify the means
• Teenagers under 17 who sneak into every [R]-rated film assuming there's a darn good reason people are trying to keep them out
• People who cannot figure out that it's the job of the trailer editors to make you want to see a movie

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