09 January 2009

Review of Bride Wars (2009)

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• Fans of chick-flicks that can overlook some plot problems and borrowed plot points

• Fans of Kate 'Smurfette' Hudson and Anne 'Oompa Loompa' Hathaway

• Serious fans of Bryan Greenberg and Chris Pratt, but more Bryan Greenberg

• People longing to see Candice Bergen fire her assistant for gross incompetence

• People who thought 27 Dresses was a comedy

• People who've already seen all of the Academy-Award® potential nominees just coming out now in the rest of the country and, therefore have a choice between Bride Wars and The Unborn—eeewww!





• People who thought 27 Dresses was too dumb to warrant a re-make

• Anyone who thought Anne Hathaway was horrid in Get Smart

• People who have not seen Benjamin Button—go see it instead

• People who have yet to watch their new Blu-Ray DVD of The Dark Knight—watch that instead

• People who are saving their money for next week's, Hotel for Dogs.

• People who think that Kate Hudson is a good 10 years older than Anne Hathaway

• Engaged couples searching for a good wedding planner

• Anyone who dreams of a wedding at The Plaza Hotel


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