23 September 2008

Review of How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008)

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• Ravenous fans of Simon Pegg
• People who want to see Gillian Anderson play something other than a helpless FBI agent always crying for the protection of Fox Mulder
• Anyone who thought Jeff Bridges career began and ended with The Vanishing
• Hopeless romantics willing to overlook a little bit of a stale romance
• Pranksters who've themselves been guilty of hiring an exotic dancer to surprise their boss not realizing there is such a thing as "Father-Daughter Day at Work"
• People who think it would be appropriate to show up for your first day at work at a new magazine wearing a bright red, "I'm Young, and Fun, and full of _ _ _ _" t-shirt
• Those who know the difference between flirting and just being creepy
• People who have too many friends or don't know how to alienate others

• Dog people who couldn't stomach the implied squishing of an ornery little Chihuahua named Cuba by a ceramic vase four times his size
• People who would find a fake movie about a lustful Mother Theresa blasphemous
• USAers who never quite got the British sense of humor that propelled the likes of Monty Python and Benny Hill to the top of the UK charts
• People who don't think celebrities take themselves too seriously
• People who still believe that upside down Spider-man / Mary Jane kiss was the sexiest thing ever witnessed in a movie
• People who think Brad Pitt is a cave in Yorkshire
• Anyone bothered by Blondes dating Red Heads
• People unwilling to compromise on good story vs. raw humor

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