11 September 2008

Review of Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

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• Fans of the Pang Brothers—you will probably get more out of this film than most
• Viewers who are not bothered by dark, vacuous endings deep in sorrow and self-reflection
• Travelers who want to see films set and filmed in Bangkok regardless of the plot
• Fans of Nicolas Cage's increasingly deadpan, teeth-clenched, mortal combat grimace
• Fans of the delightful Charlie Young—the break out star of the film
• Action thriller fans who've gotten tired of all that action and just want one, maybe two brief stints of action and one motorcycle chase
• People who think there's nothing you wouldn't do for 3,000 baht a day

• Anyone previously known to endure profoundly disturbing nightmares induced by the hairstyle of Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code
• People impacted negatively by excessive violence, blood, and murder
• Superstitious people who know what a picture of an elephant with it's trunk hanging down symbolizes to Thai people
• Movie fans who expect to know the protagonist forward and backward before having to decide if he's a good or a bad guy
• Those who remember well, the good old days of Leaving Las Vegas when we thought Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue would grow old together
• People who already saw Babylon A.D. and / or Death Race – how much darkness can one take in the same month?

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