25 September 2008

2008 Summer Movie Poll

During the summer of 2008, 2cOrNot2c.net hosted a live poll for the major motion pictures released during the summer and the request that viewers of the poll simply select any of the movies they thought people should see.

Films 2c |
The big winner, of the Great 2cOrNot2c.net 2008 Summer Movie Poll, with 90% of respondents suggesting people see it, was The Dark Knight.

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Rounding out the top five were: Iron Man (45%), Wanted (43%), What Happens in Vegas (38%), Tropic Thunder (32%).

Films Not 2c |
Six films made the Not 2c List based on earning a pathetically low score with only 5% of respondents saying people should see the films: College, Disaster Movie, Fly Me to the Moon, The Love Guru, Made of Honor, and The Strangers.

Complete Results of the Poll
Dark Knight, The90%
Iron Man45%
What Happens in Vegas38%
Tropic Thunder32%
Swing Vote27%
Happening, The25%
Kung Fu Panda23%
Mamma Mia! The movie21%
Rocker, The21%
Chronicles of Narnia 2, The18%
Journey to the Center 3D18%
Meet Dave16%
Mummy 3, The16%
Hellboy 214%
Pineapple Express14%
Indiana Jones 412%
Sex and the City: The Movie12%
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants12%
Get Smart10%
House Bunny, The10%
Space Chimps10%
Speed Racer10%
X-Files: I Want to Believe10%
Babylon A.D.9%
Step Brothers9%
You Don't Mess with the Zohan9%
Incredible Hulk, The7%
Kit Kittredge7%
Star Wars: The Clone Wars7%
Disaster Movie5%
Fly Me to the Moon5%
Love Guru, The5%
Made of Honor5%
Strangers, The5%

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