29 September 2008

Review of Eagle Eye (2008)

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• People who love the Dreamworks little, barefoot fisher kid logo at the start of their films
• Fans of government conspiracy theory, action thrillers
• Anyone who has noticed an inexplicable sum of money that they know isn't theirs show up in their personal checking account
• People who prefer Shia with scruff
• Anyone who's ever been a Copy Cabana Boy
• Star-crossed lovers who met in a crate
• Fans of boy-girl action hero pairs
• People who doubted Michelle Monaghan had the right stuff for action thrillers
• Fans of giant special effects films with cool gadgets
• People who don't like arias

• Owners of Porsche Cayennes who couldn't bear to see one destroyed
• Fans of Billy Bob Thornton
• People who worry the FBI listens to their cell phone calls
• Anyone fearing anonymous activation
• Fans of Ethan Embry—he's in it for about 5 minutes
• People who hated Terminator, War Games, Minority Report, and the Die Hard films
• Anyone who'll be needing adrenalin for after-the-film activities
• People who think it's wrong to involve women and children in war games
• If you've got an sort of fear of government inventions taking over the world

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