24 September 2008

Review of Flash of Genius (2008)

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• Anyone who's ever had a great idea
• People who've dream of inventing but never took "the next step"
• If you've ever wondered, who thought of the idea of intermittent windshield wipers
• Fans of Greg Kinnear and Lauren Graham
• People who don't think you can fight the establishment and win
• People who've had their own flash of genius
• Those who've been waiting for good, old-fashioned might vs. right, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" style movie
• Crooks who think it's ok to steal other people's ideas
• Fans of Herman Melville's Moby Dick

• People who get frustrated easily
• People who only like seeing Alan Alda play good guys
• People who don't want to believe there could be any truth to conspiracy theories
• Those who aren't principled enough to turn down an offer of $400K because it doesn't come with an apology
• People who aren't going to be able to be convinced that downloading music and movies for free without paying the people who made them is illegal and morally wrong—you won't get this movie at all

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