27 February 2009

Review of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience (2009)

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• Fans of Joe Jonas shirtless

• Fans of Kevin Jonas teetering on a pole 20 feet in the air

• Fans of Nick Jonas playing the drums

• People who think the Jonas Bros are the Beatles of the 2000s

• People who have read and seen everything on earth there is to see and read about the Jonas Bros and still cannot get enough

• Fans of the Faux Jonas Bros




• People who are afraid of throngs of screaming girls

• People who don’t think music groups should put their body guards on stage with them

• Fans of Taylor Swift of Demi Lovato

• Fans of insightful concert films

• Fans of 3D movies

• Fans of concert films




1 comment:

James Andera said...

No other movie can be better than this one! If you do like Jonas Brothers, then definitely you will agree that it is their best movie ever.I felt as if I was actually sitting in a live concert.Overall I think this movie should be rated 4.5/5.I have already planned to see it again on next friday!