18 September 2008

Review of Righteous Kill (2008)

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• "Überfans" of De Niro and Pacino
• People who like to see other people get what's coming to them
• If you don't mind seeing a lot of blood spilled at close range
• Anyone who's ever fantasized about a really naughty character being played by Carla Gugino
• Filmgoers for whom their September isn't complete without a dark, pointed, depressing, NYPD cop film or else a musical version of the same produced by Steven Bochco, of course
• Hey, 50 Cent plays Spider, what more do you want?
• People who are sharpening their Brian Dennehy grimace to prove it's more menacing than the Nicolas Cage grimace
• If New York City grime crime is your prime time

• People who thought the ending for The Departed was too cynical
• Fans of movies with twists you cannot figure out until the last moment
• People who don't like films with an interior monologue
• Donnie Wahlberg fans who still believe he's the better actor among the Wahlberg brothers
• People who never get bored of "Dancing with the Stars"—this is more like "Shooting with the Stars"
• Anyone subscribing to the notion that we don't need any more Hollywood justification for vigilantism especially bearing the names of two of the biggest legends in acting today
• People hoping to get an early look at a Best Picture nominee likewise when it comes to Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Costume, Best Director, not sure about Best Score, that's a possibility
• Fans of New Kids on the Block who want to ensure that Donnie earns more money from his comeback tour than this film

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