12 April 2009

Review of Dragonball Evolution (2009)

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• Fans of Goku’s spiky hair

• People who thought that Dragonballs were more properly called Mt. Fuji Oysters

• Anyone who has ever heard of Joon Park who plays Yamcha, replace all future appearances of Aaron Yoo, and you will have a 100% better film

• Those who’ve read every piece of Dragonball lore and would thought the trailer for Dragonball Evolution was cinematic Turkish Delight






• Fans of Yun-Fat Chow – who knew doing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon would be a career ender

• People expecting a fantastic portrayal of Lord Piccolo by James Marsters – um, no

• Those who go to a movie filmed almost entirely in Mexico, featuring a young and vivacious cast, based on an internationally acclaimed series of books, and have, therefore, very high expectations

• People who thought Justin Chatwin was on a rocket sled to greatness post The Invisible






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