25 April 2009

Review of Fighting (2009)

(in German)
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• Fans of Dito Montiel’s previews and don’t mind that they tend to be better than the films

• People who haven’t heard of Zulay Henao but think they might like to

• Anyone who’s ever tried to date a girl but her crusty old grandmother kept getting in the way and accused them of looking like a homicidal maniac

• People who can’t get enough of films about fighting, at least this one’s title doesn’t try to hide the fact in a clever cliché

• Those who’ve visited Times Square and always wondered how all those trinket shops stay in business





• Fans of Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard

• New Yorkers who think their tax credit money is going to good use

• People who thought this film looked like it might have a good sense of humor based on the preview

• People who didn’t learn after seeing A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints






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