30 April 2009

Review of Battle for Terra (2009)

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• Fans of digital 3D films

• People who think there is more to life than war

• Those who believe that living in harmony with the earth should be the principle goal of human existence

• Anyone who thinks the USA lost it’s way for the past decade and needs a new guiding set of principles.

• Fans of Justin Long, Luke Wilson, Evan Rachel Wood, Brian Cox, and Chris Evans

• People who think only Disney•Pixar® and Dreamworks® can put out a great digitally animated film




• People who worry about looking like a dork for wearing 3D glasses for an entire feature film

• Anyone who doesn’t want hope for the future

• People who are hoping the title, The Battle for Terra, means a new spin on Gone with the Wind

• Those who prefer war as the final solution

• People who would place the needs of themselves over their own morals





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