04 April 2009

Review of The Haunting of Connecticut (2009)

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• Fans of ghost stories who don’t mind some fiction woven into the ‘true story’

• People who’ve not heard of Kyle Gallner and think that Shia LeBeouf is the only thing out there

• Fans of Virginia Madsen and Amanda Crew

• Those who like to be scared by visual imagery as well as simple things like stacks of plates reverting to their original location upon being set on the table

• People who think that only the Japanese and the Koreans can make a good ghost story





• People who might find the sight of an ectoplasmic fountain emerging from the mouth of a boy visually disturbing

• Anyone who lives in a former mortuary

• Fans of Martin Donovan

• Anyone who endures nightmares rooted in imagery they’ve seen that day

• Those who aren’t huge fans of stories that are a tad convoluted

• People with a huge fear of burning to death in a fire or being attacked by ravens




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