23 October 2008

Review of W. (2008)

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• Republican, Democrats, and Independents
• People who think Josh Brolin is riding on the shoulders of his famous parents
• Fans of James Cromwell, Ellen Burstyn, Toby Jones, Elizabeth Banks, and Thandie Newton
• People who thought Richard Dreyfus had retired
• People who were too young to have understood what was going on from 2001-2004
• People who don't know what the Bush Doctrine is
• People who doubt the loyalty of Colin Powell

• People who just want to move on
• People who've drunk so much Rush Limbaugh flavored powered beverages over the past 8 years they're brain is complete washed of all reason and common sense
• People who don't want to admit the truth
• Democrats who think this film is going to totally skewer George W. Bush—it does but it also makes him a more empathetic figure
• Fans of Jason Ritter and Noah Wyle
• People who still think the Iraq War was a good idea

1 comment:

movie fan said...

Josh Brolin did a convincing Dubya, though he reminded me a lot of his cowboy character from No Country for Old Men... over all, i don't doubt that 'W.' will have the effect Oliver Stone desired