30 October 2008

Review of High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)

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• Fans of HSM 1 & 2

• People who love Zac Efron

• Fans of Kenny Ortega choreography – if you didn't see Newsies, see it!

• People who love movie musicals

• Anyone who's already invested in HSM sheets and pillow cases

• People who don't think basketball players can also carry a musical





• People who think Corbin Bleu is the latest salad dressing from the Paul Newman collection

• Those who cannot stand Disney® musicals especially ones starring kids from the cover of Tiger Beat

• Parents of kids that won't stop talking about High School Musical

• People who think it's unrealistic for characters in film to suddenly break into song and elaborate dance numbers

• Anyone who might mistake a Zac Efron for a new birth control device

• People who prefer opera





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