03 October 2008

Review of Miracle at St. Anna (2008)

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• Fans of Spike Lee joints
• People who want to see a film that deserves to be called one of the year's best on the big screen rather than months later on DVD where it does not belong
• Those who are eager to see the incredible performances of four outstanding, up-and-coming actors: Derek Luke, Michael Ealy, Laz Alonso, and Omar Benson Miller
• If you want to see a child performance that rivals Academy Award® nominee, Haley Joel Osment's Six Sense portrayal
• Anyone fascinated by the loss and retrieval of antiquities
• There have been changes from the book to the movie, but because James McBride wrote the book and the screenplay, it's safe to say people who read the book will enjoy the film
• Anyone worried that The Dark Knight would have no competition this year for the Academy Awards®

• People incapable of distinguishing fiction from non-fiction
• People who do not like epic war films which show the grim reality of battle
• Well, fans of John Turturro, Kerry Washington, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt should be forewarned that their total combined screen time stands at fewer than seven minutes, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't necessarily see the film
• Anyone unprepared to some in-your-face confrontations along racial lines and the history of racism in America
• If you don't like intricate, complicated interacting plots with many puzzles and subtitles, and twists

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