24 October 2008

Review of Pride and Glory (2008)

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• Those who love derivative cop dramas without twists and thrills

• Anyone who believes they'd enjoy seeing a baby threatened with a steam iron

• People who didn't see The Departed

• Long-term fans who've been waiting for this film for 9 years and really don't care how it turned out

• Those who can never get enough clichés in one movie

• If you thought John Voight was wooden in Transformers

• People who have gotten bored feeding and playing with their kid's Webkinz®


• Fans of director Gavin O'Connor's film Miracle

• People who are tired of 'dirty' cop films

• Fans of Edward Norton and Colin Farrell

• People who didn't take enough Español in high school to be able to understand scenes with out subtitles

• Anyone confused to think the title has to do with having Pride and earning Glory

• Those who think the 'f-bomb' is best used sparsely

• People who think Angel Tezo sounds like a new Starbucks® blended tea

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