11 October 2008

Review of City of Ember (2008)

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• Fans of Harry Treadaway, Saoirse Ronan, and a villainous Bill Murray

• People who love incredible make-believe city sets with intricate designs and features

• Inventors and people how like gadgets

• People who wonder what happened to Mackenzie Crook after his role in Pirates of the Caribbean 3

• Fans of Thomas Edison and Martin Landau

• People who don’t require a spectacular and climatic ending

• Fans of Walden Media—the people who have been converting all of the classing young adult novels into films of late from Bridge to Terabithia and Nim's Island to The Chronicles of Narnia and Journey to the Center of the Earth

• Fans of director Gil Kenan—the guy who brought you Monster House

• People who would like to support films filmed in Northern Ireland

• Fans of the book—you're not likely to be satisfied by this adaptaion

• People with noctiphobia, zemmiphobia, or potamophobia

• People who think 12-year old characters should be played by 12-year old actors

• People who like to figure out the metaphors of a film and look beneath the surface

• People who don’t like films that set up the need for sequels


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