12 October 2008

Review of Body of Lies (2008)

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• Fans of a bearded Leonardo DiCaprio and a 50lbs+ Russell Crowe both with southern accents—there's some reference that DiCaprio's charater is from North Carolina

• People confused by all the buzz directed toward English actor Mark Strong

• Those who like to receive two films for the price of one

• Fans of W. H. Auden poetry—well, at least a quotation from his poem "September 1, 1939" opens the film, but that might not mean you'll love the movie

• People who read the novel upon which the film is based and have not been able to sleep a wink knowing that a film version was about unspool

• Political activists who think the war on terror has gone too far

• Afficionados of motion picture make-up artistry especially when it comes to making poor Leonardo DiCaprio look like his face has been through the meat grinder

• People who like to speculate as to the accuracy of the latest spy gimmicks in films



• People who think a film set in Jordan shouldn't be filmed in Morocco

• Those who've grown tired of Middle Eastern Terrorist / CIA movies

• People who suffer from cynophobia

• People who've read enough spy thrillers to last a lifetime

• Owners of black SUVs that have to drive home through the desert after the movie

• People hoping to get some new perspective on spy thrillers





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