16 October 2008

Review of Sex Drive (2008)

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• People who think something like a "Comedy Central" version of Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist could be a very good idea for a movie

• Fans of Josh Zuckerman, Amanda Crew, and Clark Duke

• People who thought that the careers of James Marsden and Seth Green couldn't sink any lower

• People who cannot get enough of that classic American Pie teen shtick humor

• Teens who don't think there are any possible negative consequences to setting up long distance relationships with people you don't know over chat lines

• People who think a walking, talking donut is just about the scariest thing they could ever imagine

• People who don't think it's right to satirize the life of the Amish or to make fun of rumspringa

• If you don't like the DVD series "Girls Gone Wild"

• Anyone who finds the concept of a guacamole donut repulsive

• Nerds looking for love life advice

• People who thought Superbad was

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