04 October 2008

Review of Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008)

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• People who like mind-numbing, films with talking-animals and bad special effects
• People who have looked at the movie listings and have seen every other possible movie out there including at the $1 theatres, checked the television listings, been to every museum in their town that's open, read every book in their house, taken every free adult extended learning class in their local free university, donated to every local charity both time and money, and never desired to just adopt a real puppy who desperately needs a home
• Fans of Manolo Cardona—you might also want to start a petition to save his career
• Fans of heroic German Shepherds, kind iguanas, and comical mice
• People who don't believe that the Walt Disney® Company ever misses
• Anyone trying to hide from someone who had good movie taste

• People who don't like talking animal movies
• Anyone who doesn't like Chihuahuas
• People who don't like Drew Barrymore, Jamie Lee Curtis, or Piper Perabo
• If you've set your bar low for this film based on the trailer, you are right, and while the film might exceed the lowest expectations, that doesn't make it a good film or worth seeing
• Cynophobes
• Children under 9
• People on their first date

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