21 October 2008

Review of Max Payne (2008)

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• Fans of the video game who don't expect a completely literal translation to film

• People who like dark, graphic novels

• Fans of Mila Kunis

• People who've always wanted to see Chris O'Donnell portray a villain

• People who want to escape the reality of W.

• People who think video games make for the best sources for film adaptations

• People who don't like dark, ominous, hope-drained films

• Anyone who fears the Valkyries

• Fans of Nelly Furtado—she's in it for about 5 minutes

• Fans of Ludacris and / or Beau Bridges

• People who are operating on only a few hours of sleep

• People who think the Valkyrie mythology will play a heavy roll in the film

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