08 October 2008

Review of The Express (2008)

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• Football fans and historians of the game

• Cleveland Browns Fans (you've got to love the little brownie logo featured in the film) and Denver Broncos Fans (you've got to see where Floyd Little came from)

• People who love a good sports hero story, but also those who are prepared for a heart-warming and courageous story but with and tragic, gut-wrenching ending

• Fans of Dennis Quaid

• Fans of Ernie Davis and Jim Brown

• Fans of the Syracuse Orangemen

• People stuck in the antiquated past

• People weary of inspirational sports-themed movies

• People who think their future should be handed to them on a silver platter

• Anyone who doesn't appreciate the skills of a great football player

• People who just don't like the color orange under any circumstances

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