02 October 2008

Review of Religulous (2008)

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• People who can get past Bill Maher's obvious disdain for people not as 'enlightened' as he thinks he is and actually learn a thing or two about the what he perceives to be the problems with organized religion
• Anyone questioning the place for organized religion in his or her life
• People who dutifully send off their hard-earned, weekly wages to a televangelist of their choice
• People making plans to visit Holy Land Experience Theme Park in Orlando instead of your traditional Universal Studios® or Disney® World
• Long-haul truckers who don't think there's a way to keep church in their lives
• Anyone who has come to the realization that their religious leanings are keeping them from really enjoying life
• USA Christians who want to know what the rest of the world's Christians are up to
• People who got sent off to conversion camp so they wouldn't be so theophobic but it didn't stick
• People who think organized religions are just plain religulous
• If you lost a close friend to religion

• People who, no matter what, can never be convinced that human beings as we know them and dinosaurs never roamed the earth together except in "Flintstone" cartoons
• People who don't get Bill Maher and don't want to get Bill Maher
• People who think that an anti-organized religion movie is just for them but also assume that the writer and director will use a logical, coherent, well-organized method of presenting their thoughtful and persuasive evidence—remember this film was directed by the same guy who brought us Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
• People who think this film will be as funny as "Entourage", "Dilbert", "Mad About You", or "Seinfeld"
• People with acute gnosiophobia

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