15 August 2008

Review of Tropic Thunder (2008)

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• People who get that satire is a higher form of art than inane, gross out comedy—which may not be art at all.
• People who don't mind spending some time thinking about a film when it's over…for a long time.
• People who respect actors who are trying to push themselves as actors to new and possibly controversial heights.
• Critics who still cannot believe that Robert Downey Jr. is for real.
• People who can stomach a movie that is Rated R for a reason.
• People who judge a movie before they see it.
• People who like their comedy, but not just for comedy's sake.
• People who love Ben Stiller bu who hated his last movie, The Heartbreak Kid.
• People willing to give Jack Black a new look after his wonderful performance as the cuddly panda hero Po in Kung Fu Panda.
• Fans of Jay Baruchel
• People who want to see Tom Cruise cut loose—this is probably the most fun he's ever had in a role in his life (well, other than maybe when he got to go all Risky Business on Rebecca De Mornay).

• People who think being politically correct is over-rated.
• People who cannot figure out the difference between an actor playing an actor who is unsophisticated, and the actor himself being unsophisticated.
• People who post in daily at iMDB calling for Dodgeball 2 to be made.
• People who think or thought blackface is or was funny.
• Warmongers
• People who enjoyed Snakes on a Plane
• Lightweight Stiller fans hoping for another Zoolander or Night at the Museum.
• Tobey Maguire fans—he's in it for 10 seconds.
• Steve Coogan fans—kind of the same reason as Tobey Maguire fans.
• People who don't want to know there might be something about Alpa Chino (Brandon T. Jackson).

1 comment:

movie junkie said...

Robert Downey Jr. cracks me up... he's got a knack for not taking himself too seriously