23 August 2008

Review of Death Race (2008)

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• Fans of Jason Statham and his typical action movies
• Junkies for high octane, adrenalin-fueled video games
• People who can never get enough of Tyrese Gibson behind the wheel
• Aficionados of a little bit of entertainment called Demolition Derby – only in this version the drivers just might not survive
• People who've never seen Joan Allen play a malevolent, soulless witch, but want to
• Anyone who's ever wondered if their video games are rigged against them
• People who care less about the depth of the plot and the characters and more about the action and suspense
• People who have thought that the summer of 2008 lacked a big budget action film like last year's Die Hard 4 and were hoping that somehow their prayers would be answered by Death Race

• People who think a Jason Statham film without any kick boxing moves is just not a true Jason Statham film
• People who would be offended by jokes about the sexual orientation of Tyrese Gibson's character Machine Gun Joe—the only driver in the Death Race that has a male navigator instead of the female prisoners like everybody else
• People who think Hawai'ian shirts are best sported by tourists who proudly claim their AARP® membership
• Anyone who thinks Ian McShane and Joan Allen belong in Woody Allen films only
• Obviously, people who are the teeniest bit squeamish or dislike violence and death in film
• Moviegoers who prefer their plot and characters to be thicker than mountain dew on a melon on a nice morning in May

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