07 August 2008

Review of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008)

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• Fans of the Brendan Fraser Mummy franchise.
• Fans of epic action adventures that go full throttle almost to excess. Seriously, imagine going to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio and riding every roller coaster back-to-back with barely a moment in between to catch your breath?
• People who prefer an action movie without aliens.
• People glad to amp up on their Chinese lore just before the 08•08•08 Olympics in Beijing.
• Michelle Yeoh fans.
• Fans of outstanding CGI effects and some of the greatest character battle scenes since LOTR.
• People not bothered by yak yack.
• Colorado Avalanche Ice Hockey fans… there's no hockey, but there's an avalanche and lots of really cool Yeti.

• People who loathe sequels.
• People who loathe sequels made so long after the original films they've completely forgotten who's who and wouldn't even notice a new actress is playing a leading role in the film.
• Fans of Maria Bello…egad…and Rachel Weisz (she's not in it).
• People who don't like monster films, in particular mummy films.
• People who picketed, marched, and protested about critics being too hard on Indiana Jones 4.
• People who don't like American actresses doing English accents badly. How do the English say "truer" anyway?
• People bothered by excessive cheesiness in dialogue and plot.
• Jet Li Fans who still cannot accept that he did his last martial arts film a few years ago.
• People who wish Brendan Fraser would return to his 'sensitive' roles rather than these action hero roles.

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