26 August 2008

Review of Hamlet 2 (2008)

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• People who were not offended by South Park: The Movie and / or did not see South Park: The Movie exclusively because they hoped it would be offensive to everyone else.
• Fans of Steve Coogan
• Fans of musical theater and musicals as long as they don't meet any of the "who shouldn't see" criteria listed below
• People who are a bit fed up with the preaching, televangelist religious right in the USA
• People with lots of skeletons in their closet and don't mind adding a few more by putting "have seen Hamlet 2" on their list of transgressions against humanity
• People who have fantasized for 30 years about seeing Elizabeth Shue in a nurse's outfit
• People who are going to be ok when they find out that Hamlet 2 isn't really a sequel to "Hamlet"
• People who listen to "Rush Limbaugh" and "Sean Hannity" and "Glenn Beck" late at night to keep their blood pressure high so as not to fall asleep while driving and not because they agree with anything that spews out of their mouths
• People who don't get lost in a play within a play

• Fans of Catherine Keener
• Fans hoping this will revitalize Elizabeth Shue's career like Being John Malkovich revived the career of John Malkovich.
• People who are never, ever, not even after until Hell freezes over, going to think there is anything funny and not sinful about a song called "Rock Me Sexy Jesus"…and especially people who think this way and don't want to have the blasted song stuck in their heads for the next 3 straight days
• People who feel adultery is too sinful to sit through
• People who don't want to forgive and forget their past
• People who aren't looking for a little let alone a lot of catharsis in their lives
• People easily offended or ones who don't buy the commonly utilized "it's not offensive if you offend everyone" excuse for offensiveness
• Fans who are hoping to hear David Arquette do his thing and / or people who have recently brought in a handsome, younger boarder to offset the high cost of rent and have been leaving him at home alone for hours on end with their lonely, gravid spouse
• People who don't get any of the following SAT terms: satire, irony, or parody or that know them but don't want to see a movie that uses almost nothing else
• People who really do want to see a sequel to "Hamlet"

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