31 August 2008

Review of Traitor (2008)

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• People who like their thrillers with complicated back stories and twists that cause you to really think about and question your own ideals and sense of morality
• Saïd Taghmaoui and Neal McDonough fans
• Chicagoans who like to see their city on film no matter the plot
• Fans of Guy Pearce doing an American English accent in films
• People who've just been having too much fun this summer and need to take it down a notch before the seriousness of the Fall sets in

• People who are tired of seeing every thriller these days feature terrorist plots by people of Middle Eastern descent
• Fans of Don Cheadle in Reign Over Me or Talk to Me
• Those easily confused by intricate plot points or who fall asleep often during the good parts of a movie
• People who hope for a leading role for Archie Panjabi
• People offended by the incessant use of people of Middle Eastern descent as the new and most sinister of villains in geopolitical thrillers
• People who cannot tell the difference between fictional thrillers and actual historical fact


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