03 August 2008

Review of Step Brothers (2008)

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• Fans who don't think Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly can do anything wrong when it comes to comedy.
• Fans who see EVERY movie touched even remotely by the Apatow name no matter how Superbad the movie.
• People who had a good or bad step-brother experience.
• People who think Chewbacca masks, night vision goggles, and cross bows are the toys of kings.
• Fans of Adam Scott—he's excellent when he's smarmy, and there's a scene of him and his family on the way to see mom and new step-dad involving singing in the car as a family that's possibly funnier in some ways than the rest of the movie.
• People not annoyed when over 3/4 of the funny parts of a movie are revealed in the trailer they've now seen 500 times.
• People who think it's an adventure of a lifetime to see a couple of 40-year old oafs beaten up by school kids and later exact their revenge via a helicopter and a merry-go-round punch-out scene.
• People who would find Will Ferrell dangling his tongue in doggy-doo-doo side-splitting, funny-bone tingling, tickle-pickle on a stick deep fat fried at the Minnesota State Fair good old-fashioned entertainment.

• People weary of seeing aged, physically unfit actors rushing around in their tighty-whities on screen for laughs.
• People who loved Superbad—this movie is sort of like Superbad with grown-ups who participate in teen-age hi-jinx, but without McLovvin' and other such things like bashing police officers and gallons of Tide® detergent to really make this film something to which teens can relate. There is however, lots of use of profanity and a requisite puking scene. This film is for the decidedly older crowd, punks! Go cry to your mommy.
• Fans of Mary Steenburgen—not sure if that is a spray-on tan or what, but one of Hollywood's most unsung, great actresses (see Time After Time) looks like she's been dipped in a Starbucks® Caramel Latte and then left out under the Malibu sun to dry. Meanwhile her performance is…what it is.
• People who respect the arts of drumming and opera.
• People who prefer not to hear the 'F'-Word used as every part of speech and over 50 times an hour.

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