19 August 2008

Review of Mirrors (2008)

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DVD Release Date: (not scheduled - please check back)

• Paula Patton fans
• People who can read the backwards lettering on emergency vehicles without a mirror
• People who don't mind if the movie's ending is "left up to your own interpretation" or setting up for a sequel that will probably be straight to DVD
• Fans of great mirror special effects
• Fans of graphic and needlessly horrific, human death scenes
• Fans of wooden, soulless characters made more wooden and soulless by painful portrayls of actors on hiatus from their 24-hour TV show
• Growing legions of Alexandre Aja fans and who loved his film, P2.
• People who saw Stephen King's The Shining and figured out that "redrum" was more than a psychotic slogan of a possessed child.

• People who fear their own reflection
• People who believe that mirrors are windows to our soul
• Kieffer Sutherland fans that prefer to see him in 24-hour increments
• People who like their film endings all wrapped up with a bow
• Squeamish people
• People who expect their money spent on a ticket be reflected in the quality of the film
• People who believe that if you break a mirror you get 7 years of bad luck
• People who would like to have their fond remembrance of actress, Mary Beth Peil as Evelyn 'Grams' Ryan on "Dawson's Creek" stay intact
• People who cannot get through a movie without movie snacks

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