07 August 2008

Review of Swing Vote (2008)

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• People who gave up on Kevin Costner just after Water World.
• Democrats who have no sense of humor.
• All political campaign managers.
• USA voters who've lost faith in the process—see this movie and believe again.
• New Mexicans
• Paula Patton fans.
• Independents…time to get off the fence, make a choice, and make a difference—every vote counts.

• Republicans who have no sense of humor.
• Fans of Abigail Breslin.
• Fans of reality tv that can no longer separate fact from fiction.
• Coloradoans who don't want to find out what they're missing because their state legislature will not endorse legislation favorable to the film industry that would make Colorado a desirable place to film movies funneling millions into the local economy…like neighboring state, New Mexico.
• People with a squeamish stomach and cannot stand the sight of baiting a hook with a live worm.
• People who cannot picture Kevin Costner portray an egg-factory worker, slow, irresponsible, beer-drinking dad.

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