30 August 2008

Review of The House Bunny (2008)

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• Diehard Anna Faris fans
• People who were always sure that Katherine McPhee was headed for stardom no matter what Simon said
• Current Playboy Bunnies who want tips on how to break into the life of being a House Mother
• People who thought the remake of the famous Marilyn Monroe over the air grate scene shown in the preview was the funniest thing they've ever seen in their entire lives
• Curious folks who've been wondering what the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore might look like now that she's all grown up
• Those who don't mind a film where mean girls are mean to nice girls who then become mean girls who are mean to other nice girls only to realize the hard way when the original mean girls are even meaner to the newly mean girls that they preferred being nice girls even if being nice girls means not getting a boyfriend
• People who don't watch ABC Family's "Greek", never saw National Lampoon's Animal House or Van Wilder, and missed out on Sydney White

• Fans of Colin Hanks
• Both gender's rights activists
• Fans of Playboy Magazine who didn't know the magazine is sometimes known for classy pieces of investigative reporting
• Men who have been hoping to keep quiet the news that they secretly might enjoy the playground torture known affectionately, albeit vulgarly, as the "titty twister"
• Fans of She's the Man who thought the same writers might hit a second homerun
• People who like their plots to be thicker than the eyebrows of the female cast
• Those who get instantly queasy at the site of chewed gum on the bottom of a restaurant table
• People longing for a Sydney White sequel

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