31 December 2008

Review of Frost/Nixon (2008)

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• Fans of the Kevin Bacon game who now have so many more actors with whom to connect him

• People who idolize Michael Sheen

• Anyone who doubted Frank Langella

• People who just cannot get enough of Sam Rockwell or Oliver Platt

• Anyone who wonders about the suggestive nature of Italian loafers

• Those who wonder why all government scandals are now given the suffix 'gate'

• People who don't mind if Hollywood plays a little fancy and free with history for the sake of building dramatic tension



• People who don't think Kevin Bacon should be in a supporting role

• Fans of Pat Nixon

• Those who don't want to encourage Hollywood to put its own spin on history

• People who don't like to see stage plays turned into movies

• People who don't want to see Sam Rockwell sport a mullet





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