22 December 2008

Review of Valkyrie (2008)

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• Fans of Tom Cruise

• Fans of WWII films

• People who don't know there was a German Resistance working to topple Hilter

• People who have forgotten the atrocities of WWII

• Anyone who doubts the power of fear as a disingenuous way to control a populace

• People who thought Bill Nighy was only capable of playing pirates

• Anyone convinced that war is good for the economy

• People who think they've seen it all when it comes to WWII


• People who don't want to believe there were any good people in WWII Germany

• People who cannot set aside Tom Cruise's personal life to watch him play an historically important anti-war hero

• People who don't like tense, thriller-type films

• People who don't think there should be any jokes in a war movie

• People who want to continue their fantasy that WWII and the holocaust never happened






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