02 January 2009

Review of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

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• People who doubt the talent of Brad Pitt

• Fans of Brad Pitt

• People who think they've seen Brad Pitt act before

• Fans of Cate Blanchett

• Readers of F. Scott Fitzgerald who thought The Great Gatsby was his only work

• People who've fantasized about growing younger

• Those who would let gloom rule their lives

• Fans of film aging make-up artistry

• People who prefer buttons over zippers

• People who cannot go 159 minutes without sending a text message, taking a trip to the restroom, getting up to stretch, getting another Coke®, or refilling the popcorn bucket

• F. Scott Fitzgerald purists

• People with no visible signs of imagination

• People who cannot abide hearing both Ts in 'button' pronounced






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