26 July 2008

Review of Space Chimps (2008)

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• Fans of simians who can forgive their misidentification.
• People looking for a new story in the animated world rather than sitting through the remake of another timeless fairytale.
• Fans of Andy Samberg.
• People who like clever or cheesy puns.
• Parents and guardians looking for an animated film with good morals and values for their kids to watch and learn from.
• People who believe that we all need to learn from and be conscious of our actions and their consequences as we interact with not just our own planet but those others we find in space.
• Animal rights activists and members of PETA.

• People who think all animated films have to be funny with lots of flatulent jokes.
• People who take their kids to see an animated film and then proceed to talk on their cell phone throughout the entire movie not even making a veiled attempt to adopt an inside voice!
• Grown-ups expecting this to be full of inside jokes just for them.
• People who like the bad guys to win in the end.
• People who don't like happy endings.
• GOPers who cannot take a good parody.
• People hoping to find Disney-Pixar® quality animation. [note: the animation isn't bad, it's just not 100% superstar quality, and that's ok.]
• People who think animals are just dumb beast of burden at the disposal of human beings.

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