17 July 2008

Review of Meet Dave (2008)

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• People who had given up on Eddie Murphy after Norbit.
• People who love, love, love Elizabeth Banks and Gabrielle Union.
• Fans of stories that feature a green persuasion to the politics.
• People who enjoy a film where the bully gets taken down.
• People who like a good laugh more at the expense of the situation than anything else. Eddie Murphy's comedic timing make this film which shares a lot in common with his other fish out of water, alien in America movie, Coming to America.
• People who believe great comedy can also be good, clean, and foul-language free.

• People with size issues.
• Fans of Marc Blucas and Scott Caan—they're each in it for about 5 minutes.
• People who prefer Eddie Murphy as a donkey rather than as a spaceship.
• People of right-leaning environmental and social activist perspectives.
• People who drink their latte without looking.
• People bored of New York City as the only city where Aliens would ever go.
• People who don't like musicals and their effect on people.
• The people who came up with the original title, Starship Dave.
• People who don't believe there are aliens in the universe.
• People without a funny bone.
• People who don't like to see Police Officers being made to look like buffoons in movies.

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